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“I’d like to thank my Mom… and God…”

Whaddya know. I got nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award from sosassyandsingle! I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that I had to Google it to find out what it really means. Basically, bloggers form a community when we throw … Continue reading

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Making memories – my British bucket list!

It’s easy to fall in to habits. Some good. Some bad. Some simply apathetic. You get home in the evening after a long day at work and all you want to do is grab a bit of dinner and watch … Continue reading

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Oh go on you saucy minx, you know you want to.

Well good evening, Thanks for stopping by. Might I say, you’re looking particularly dashing this evening – have you been working out? Or is it someone new in your life? Whatever it is, I have to say you’re positively glowing! … Continue reading

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“I Mean, You Can’t Even Have Morning Sex”

I have a confession to make everyone. I strongly recommend that family members close the page now. [Don’t say I didn’t warn you]. Al-right, hold on to your hats, here I go. I have pubic hair. Phew! I am so glad … Continue reading

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Kiss me, I’m Irish

For one day only, I’m happy to be stereotyped and to conform to stereotype. Tomorrow I will be wearing green, shouting for Ireland in the rugby, getting fantastically drunk and singing the first four lines of beloved Irish songs because … Continue reading

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“It’s all his fault” “No it’s not!” “They started it”

It’s not easy figuring out who exactly is responsible the the recession. The fact is it’s because the position is relative. I strongly feel that only someone with my thorough knowledge of Microsoft Paint could illustrate this clearly. So, where … Continue reading

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