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Not Your Average Friday Night

Burlesque. Asian girls that are boys. Music. A midget. Champagne. Cabaret. Thai food. Acrobatics. In all fairness, what more could you ask for a Friday evening’s entertainment? The Lady Boys of Bangkok is an evening of fun and frolicks featuring, you … Continue reading

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“I’d like to thank my Mom… and God…”

Whaddya know. I got nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award from sosassyandsingle! I’m sure she won’t mind me telling you that I had to Google it to find out what it really means. Basically, bloggers form a community when we throw … Continue reading

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Oh go on you saucy minx, you know you want to.

Well good evening, Thanks for stopping by. Might I say, you’re looking particularly dashing this evening – have you been working out? Or is it someone new in your life? Whatever it is, I have to say you’re positively glowing! … Continue reading

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Making the Most of your ‘Erotic Capital’

Would I have a job by now if my hem line was a little higher or my top was a little lower? According to Samantha Brick in today’s Daily Mail I would be several rungs further up the career ladder … Continue reading

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Get a life, you desperate biatches!

Living with four of your BFFs is a LOT of fun. Most of the time. But I’m not going to lie, there are challenges. One of the main ones is finding something all five of us like to watch on … Continue reading

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Kiss me, I’m Irish

For one day only, I’m happy to be stereotyped and to conform to stereotype. Tomorrow I will be wearing green, shouting for Ireland in the rugby, getting fantastically drunk and singing the first four lines of beloved Irish songs because … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Michael O’Leary

Alternative title: I Don’t Like You and Here’s Why. Dear Mick, You don’t mind if I call you Mick, do you? You seem like a ‘Mick’ kind of guy, and anyway after I have been screwed by a guy I … Continue reading

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