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Not Your Average Friday Night

Burlesque. Asian girls that are boys. Music. A midget. Champagne. Cabaret. Thai food. Acrobatics. In all fairness, what more could you ask for a Friday evening’s entertainment? The Lady Boys of Bangkok is an evening of fun and frolicks featuring, you … Continue reading

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Love Always Remains

By MGMT, from Oracular Spectacular, on Oracular Spectacular :0 There is no bad time of day to hear this song.

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Singing in Public

Alternative title: Why kids are awesome. Some people in life are born with mellifluous, angelic voices that send you into spasms of naughty pleasure at the first note. Others are not. I feel no shame in saying I fall into … Continue reading

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Famous last words.

I’m never going out on a school night again. Never. It’s just not worth it. See here’s me with a hangover:   And this, my friends, is roughly 25 awesomely cute and generally adorable but also incredibly noisy six year … Continue reading

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A picture tells a thousand words.

It was Friday morning and I was feeling smug with a capital S. It was day seven of my thirty day challenge and things were going swimmingly. As my friends had gotten dressed up and gone out clubbing the previous … Continue reading

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In honour of the blog’s namesake (read: where I stole it from)

What a tune! This stuff doesn’t get played enough any more. What happened to MGMT anyway? I haven’t heard anything about them in ages. Is that just because I live in the desert?

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